What Distinguishes Us?

Our Identity

  • 100% organic and Kosher certified
  • Rested in American oak barrels
  • Double distillation for higher purity
  • Individually numbered bottles
  • Certified without additives
  • Premium sipping- tequila
  • Natural fermentation
  • Artisanal process
  • GMO free
  • Single estate

With 5 generations of industry knowledge, a commitment to tradition, and like the previous president of ONSOM – Organización de Sommeliers de México – Jaime Villalobos Sauza is a certified tequila taster who brings the skillful palate of a sommelier to his job.

100% Organic Agave

What does it mean to be certified organic?

All of our agave is certified organic, which means that we do not use chemicals on our plantation. We use a natural fertilizer of our own manufacture, which is made by composting the leftover agave fibers to guarantee that our entire process is 100% natural and without chemicals.

Additive-free tequila

What does it mean to have no additives?

Additive-free means we don’t add anything more to our tequila than the agave itself. Total absence of artificial flavors, colors, sugars or syrups.

The colors and flavors of all our rested presentations come from the barrel itself, which means that a bottle could even taste slightly different from a previous batch, as we let our Tequilas ripen naturally.

Kosher Certified

What does it mean to be Kosher certified?

A Kosher Certification ensures that our products are Kosher, making them suitable for consumption by observant Jews who practice a religious dietary protocol. But generally a Kosher certification gives us reliability, since it is a confirmation of the purity of our process and ingredients.


What does it mean to be NON GMO?

Non-GMO means non-genetically modified organisms, which again ensures that all of our plants are naturally grown and not genetically modified in a laboratory.

Premium Sipping Tequila

What does it mean to be single estate?

Single estate tequila means that all of our agave comes from the same personally owned plantation to ensure the entire process is organic and to watch our plants grow until we harvest them manually. To ensure the best quality agave.

Small Batch & Artisanal

What does it mean to be artisinal?

From the bottle to the finished product, all our processes are carried out by hand, without any industrial intervention.

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